Debate Between Standard Or Coin Operated Pool Tables

At some point down the line, probably about two or three years from now, whybitcoinprice I intend to open my own little pool hall here in my home town. Nothing too big, I think, but I have been debating over many details, one of which is “what is the best pool table?” for such a business. I might wind up choosing to put in a nice mizerak pool table or three, and include just a couple coin operated pool tables.

But, depending on the size of the place that I choose, ufa168live I might not need too many tables after all, and I might not want to worry about dispensing a rack of pool balls to each customer that comes in. If that’s the case, then I might choose to go with only the coin operated table and have done with it. I’m not sure yet. The jury is still out, hahaha. Here are some of my thoughts on the matter, so far:

Why the sudden interest in coin operated pool tables? I mean, I grew up playing on sweet, chronicleshub well maintained 9′ tables, right? Why mess with first love? Well, first off, every coin-op table that I install will give me that small bit more freedom within my business to take care of something else instead of hanging around at the counter waiting for customers to check-in or check-out. And another thing is that after a bit of searching around to see what exactly is out there nowadays, I found some great pool tables from a business named Shelti, out in Michigan. These guys offer some really sharp looking coin ops, and some of them come with a great feature: electronic, programmable, dollar bill/coin operated pool tables.

I think this is pretty neat! The control panels for these tables have LCD displays, battery indicator, coin mechanism and dollar acceptor/stacker, a free-play key switch, United Marriage Education all secured by a steel door and lock. Some cool options for programming allow for:

* standard single-game play
* timed play
* bonus pricing (for regulars and long-term users I suppose)
* happy hour pricing programmable by time and day of the week
* free-play pricing usable for stuff like promotions or league play
* a speed pool timer Therapist Florida
* game audits (? Got no idea what that is yet)
* even a “maximum cash” setting to limit the amount of time one group of pool players can purchase/occupy a table

The only real downside I can find at the moment for this design is that it seems to only be available for their 8′ table and 7′ table (although the non-electronic coin operated pool table can be bought as a 9 footer). This is a bit of a bummer because I am a huge fan of 9′ tables, and only resort shooting pool on 8 footers when I have no real choice for the occasion. And forget about those 7 footers entirely, Wirelesswanted I mean seriously?

Another con against coin ops in general is that they are (or used to be) a little bit noisy, which is fine in a busy and loud environment, but noticeable and distracting if you happen to shoot pool on a quiet afternoon.

So, I’m still weighing the pros and cons. I’m not worried too much about quality and presentation because it seems that the quality of manufacturing these days is much improved, and I can’t really find too poor a comparison between a coin operated pool table and a standard pocketed pool table as long as I am looking to buy “new” – to buy used pool tables or buy cheap pool tables from salvage, auction, or repossession might save me money but limit my choices drastically.

My choice will initially depend on the money I am able to spend when the time comes. And then after that, I will have to weigh the extra-efficiency of my time against possible needed mechanical maintenance, my general affinity for standard tables, and my dislike of clunking, rattling coin ops. Now, if the machines are actually much quieter than their older cousins and if they require less overall maintenance than decades ago, there may be no real choice to worry about at all. For more details visit here websites:-

Or maybe I can compromise and keep a couple of coin operated pool tables off to the side and out of immediate hearing, yet also have my favored standard 9 foot pool tables closer to the bar, register, and seating areas. I’ll let you know how it all plays out when that day comes!

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