SC2 Hydralisk Counter & Strategy Guide – Zerg Starcraft 2 Strategy

So you are trying to look for the most effective hydra counter right? Well we are going to describe detail by detail on what you have to do in order to beat your hydralisk and succeed today!

Yeah, we can give you this advice, piece by piece, sportstoto and you can ultimately succeed starting today! Starcraft 2, the hydralisk are much different than the original for many different reasons. They are a little more expensive and can get you more supply capped at 2 supplies.

You’d think they’d be easy to counter because they have such low HP (90) for such a high supply unit count, and a very weak attack that only gives out 12 damage per strike, so why exactly are they so powerful? Why are they so hard to beat, especially in mass?

Well we are going to tell you. One thing that is important to understand is the simple fact that the hydralisk has very quick attack sequence, so it deals a lot of damage on both air and ground units and you are going to have to use specific combinations in order to counter this unit! tinitees

Terran Counter
The Terran mech units can actually damage the hydralisks pretty good, because the Hellions can pawn the hydralisks and melt them, the siege tanks can lay some serious siege in destroy them in a matter of two hits, thors kill them pretty quick, so you want to make sure that if your opponent is massing hydralisks, that you decide to mass mech units as well!

Protoss Counter
Protoss can actually easily defeat Hydras with their Colussus, these are expensive but the unit gets rid of several hydralisks rather quick. The only thing is that Colossi are rather weak in defense so you want to put some meat shields in front of it. You can also try to have the sentries set up hallucinations or force fields so that they will not get close to the Colossi.

You also want to make sure you get that guardian shield as well, these can definitely help you and in the end!

Zerg players are going to have the toughest time against the hydralisk, after all, it is eye for eye and step for step when two skilled zerg players are playing against each other. From what I’ve observed over the course of the Beta and the release of the game is that Roach, Hydra, and Infestor mixed up can help you succeed.

That’s because roaches can be your meat shield and the hydralisks can go to work with their rapid fire. Also, the fungal growth also deals big damage to Hydras and stops them from running away. For more info please visit


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